Industrial Systems Management

Industrial Systems Management | Responsive Dashboard 


About ISM

Industrial Systems Management aims to tackle the air compressor industry—stuck in old, outdated and inefficient processes. Air compressor distributors must manage hundreds, even thousands, of different air compressors in various locations at a single time. Currently, there is no universal system for managing all of these air compressors—stats can only be checked by physically looking at analog gauges on each individual machine. Current distributors are stuck using old databases, files, and binders to keep track of everything. To make matters worse, there is no way of getting alerts when something goes wrong—other than receiving phone calls from their end users that a compressor is down—already disrupting production.

ISM wants to create a web-based dashboard that allows distributors to track air compressor systems remotely. The system will track maintenance and send alerts to both the distributors—managing all of the air compressors—and the end users who use them. ISM's goal is for the system collect data and learn over time, so that it can send alerts for preventative maintenance—stopping outages from occurring altogether.  

The Challenge

ISM tasked us to create a responsive dashboard from the ground up—one that catered to both the distributors and the factory operators and business owners at the other end.  Distributors would use the dashboard to monitor all the different systems them manage and take care of issues before they become larger problems. On the other side, factory operators would use the system for alerts—reminding them to get their air compressors serviced—similar to preventative maintenance on a car—also preventing larger issues from occurring.

My Role

  • Heavily involved in ideation , LoFi, and HiFi
  • Established the grid system for the entire dashboard
  • Created and maintained the style guide throughout the project
  • In charge of the settings page—task flows and visual designs
  • Worked on screens and prototypes for both LoFi and HiFi for the main dashboard screens

The Final Dashboard

Here's a preview of the final dashboard we designed


Check back soon for the full portfolio piece!